a few words about what we do ~

What we do? We make websites – and it’s our speciality! We also provide a number of services which we’ve custom built and support in-house, services such as web hosting, domain registration and interactive marketing services such as Bulk Email and SMS.

All our services are there to make it easy for you to continue what you do best – run your business.

Our portfolio section of the website can be used to view a collection of the work completed by us.

Web Design

Whether it’s a banner ad campaign, a simple website or a customised content management platform we will build a solution that will fit your needs.

Web Marketing

It’s not always as simple as “If you build it, they will come.” A successful web site not only is consists of a great design, but getting it noticed in the large jungle that is the internet. We can help in all areas of web marketing – whether it be submitting your website to the major directories and search engines, getting you in contact with a reputable Search Engine Optimization business or running an advertising campaign that gets you noticed.

Mobility Solutions

Mobility solutions for forward thinking businesses

Mamis’ Bulk SMS Service gives you the opportunity to speak directly with your customers through our easy to use SMS web application. Engage with your customers in a highly personal and targeted way through the immediate benefits of Bulk SMS. Our enterprise level SMS gateway offers an impressive array of cost effective SMS pricing to businesses.

Some of the benefits of using Mamis’ Bulk SMS Services are:

  • Instant delivery
  • Extensive market penetration (93.3% of the population in Australia have a mobile phone)
  • Fast, reliable and cost effective
  • Receive responses instantly
  • Access to our custom built state-of-the-art web application, built in mind with the needs of your business
  • Our very own mobile distribution gateway, consisting of redundant local and international telecommunication links, all supported and managed by us.

Mamis’ Bulk SMS Service can be utilised for marketing material or internal use to communicate with staff. These types of interactions provide an instant communication tool that’s easy to use and cost effective with our SMS rates. Keeping your customers or workforce informed and up-to-date has never been easier.

Communication via mobile messaging is direct, instant and cost effective. Our mobile distribution gateway supports redundant SMS delivery to over 200 countries worldwide.

For more information about Mamis’ SMS and Mobility Services or to discuss how it can be used to effectively boost your business please contact us and one of our friendly staff members will be in contact with you shortly.